The Cost of CV Writing in the UK: A Comprehensive Overview with Aberdeen CVs Comparison

Dive into our comprehensive blog post exploring the cost of CV writing services in the UK, and how they compare with Aberdeen CVs' competitive pricing. We analyze various service tiers, from early career to executive levels, detailing what to expect in terms of quality, expertise, and investment. This post is perfect for job seekers at any career stage, offering insights into the value of professional CV writing and highlighting Aberdeen CVs as a cost-effective solution for enhancing your professional profile. Learn how to choose the right service to make your CV stand out in the competitive job market.

11/27/20232 min read

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Navigating the job market can be daunting, especially when it comes to creating a CV that stands out. In the UK, the cost of professional CV writing services varies significantly, catering to different career stages and requirements. Understanding these costs and comparing them to services like Aberdeen CVs can be crucial in making an informed decision.

Understanding CV Writing Costs in the UK

CV writing services in the UK offer a range of pricing, influenced by factors like career level, service complexity, and writer expertise.

  1. Entry-Level Services: For those at the beginning of their careers or with minimal experience, CV writing services can range from £50 to £150​​​​. These services are typically streamlined, focusing on presenting early career experiences and educational achievements effectively.

  2. Mid-Level Professionals: Individuals with a significant amount of experience, generally up to 10 years, might expect to pay between £150 and £250 for a more detailed CV that showcases their professional growth and specific skill sets.

  3. Executive Services: Senior professionals with extensive experience can expect to pay upwards of £500, with top-tier services reaching £1,000 or more​​​​. These high-end services often include in-depth consultations and a bespoke approach to reflect complex career trajectories.

  4. Quality and Expertise: The cost often correlates with the level of service, including the writer's expertise and the time invested in crafting a personalized document​​​​.

  5. Additional Services: Some CV writers offer packages that include cover letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, or even interview preparation, which can add to the overall cost.

Aberdeen CVs: Tailored Services at Competitive Prices

Aberdeen CVs offers a tiered pricing structure designed to cater to different career stages:

  1. Early Careers CV (£50): Aimed at individuals with up to 3 years of experience, this package is priced affordably at £50, making it an accessible option for recent graduates or those starting their careers.

  2. Mid-Careers CV (£85): For professionals with up to 10 years of experience, Aberdeen CVs charges £85. This package is designed to highlight the skills and experiences gained in the mid-phase of one’s career.

  3. Advanced Career CV (£120): For those with over 10 years of experience, the Advanced Career CV service is priced at £120. This option is tailored for senior professionals who need to showcase a more complex and comprehensive career history.

Comparing Aberdeen CVs to UK Averages

When compared to the UK average:

  • Early Career: Aberdeen CVs offers a highly competitive rate for early career CVs, falling at the lower end of the average UK price range.

  • Mid-Career: The mid-career package from Aberdeen CVs is also competitively priced, especially when considering the average UK costs for this career stage.

  • Advanced Career: For senior professionals, Aberdeen CVs presents a more affordable option compared to the higher costs typically associated with executive-level CV writing services in the UK.

The Value of Investing in Professional CV Writing

Investing in a professional CV writing service can be a crucial step in advancing your career. The benefits include:

  • Expertise: Professional writers bring industry-specific knowledge and expertise in crafting CVs that stand out.

  • Personal Branding: A well-written CV effectively communicates your personal brand and professional narrative.

  • Time-Saving: Outsourcing CV writing can save you considerable time, especially if you’re not familiar with current CV writing trends and formats.


The cost of CV writing services in the UK covers a wide spectrum, reflecting the diversity in career stages and individual needs. Aberdeen CVs stands out for its competitively priced packages, offering tailored services for every career phase. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional, investing in a professionally written CV is a strategic move in your career journey. With Aberdeen CVs, you can find a service that matches your career level and budget, ensuring your CV makes the right impact in your job search.